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Software Development

Custom Software Development




We provide software engineering solutions with every element of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).



New Product Development

We can help you with the following stages of a new product development:

  • Preliminary Analysis
  • Systems analysis, requirements definition
  • Systems design
  • Development
  • Integration and testing
  • Acceptance, installation, deployment
  • Maintenance

Software Product Migration

Some of the reasons to migrate include cost advantages, performance reasons, upgrades in technology, architecture changes and business integration. We offer migration services for specialized migration or porting of your applications from one platform to another or one database to another or one language to another.

  • Migration Planning – Strategic Justification, Business Case Analysis, Technology Risk Mitigation, User Acceptance Management
  • Executing the migration – Development, Delivery, Conversion, Training
  • Supporting the modernized application

Product Re-engineering

Besides developing software from scratch Worksters provides services of software re-engineering. Re-engineering is the modification of a software system that takes place after it has been reverse engineered, generally to add new functionality, or to correct errors. We have a vast experience in executing re-engineering services.

Software re-engineering benefits:

  • Reduced cost
  • Reduced risk
  • Increase efficiency

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