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Quality Control and Maintenance

Software Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Maintenance

Quality Assurance (QA):


We support the whole process of software quality assurance. QA is planned and systematic way to evaluate quality of process used to produce a quality product. The goal of a QA is to provide assurance that a product is meeting customer’s quality expectations. QA deals with how to prevent bugs from occurring in a product being developed. We make sure that software conforms to implicit requirements (ease of use, maintainability, reliability, etc.) as well as its explicit requirements. As a matter of fact, it is important for each software development project to de ne its speci c meaning of software quality during the planing phase. The quality is important for the acceptance of the software by the user and thus is a key factor to the success of the software product. A possible software failure may lead to millions of breakdown costs, loss of reputation and loss of market shares.


Quality Control (QC):

Quality Control in software industry involves evaluating software product, find the defects and suggest improvements.

Following are the benefits of SQC:

– Increased productivity of the development team.
– Improved Product Quality: Test statistics and defect tracking are more precise and up to date.
– Decreased re-work costs as the detection of defects are found earlier in the software project development lifecycle in every stage.
– Increased confidence levels in existing product management and future product development.
– Increased credibility as the software produced will be highly qualitative.

We have experience in the activities that are involved in Software Quality Control such as Reviews and Testing:


a. Review of requirement.
b. Review of design.
c. Review of code.
d. Review of deployment plan .
e. Review of test plan.
f. Review of test cases.


a. Unit Testing
b. Integration Testing
c. System Testing
d. Acceptance Testing

 Software Maintenance

We provide complete software maintenance services. Software maintenance is an integral part of development of the software after its implementation.

Maintenance must be performed in order to:

– Correct faults
– Improve the design
– Implement enhancements
– Interface with other systems
– Adapt programs so that different hardware, software, system features, and telecommunications facilities can be used
– Retire software


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